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Cancer awareness: Areas in England with higher levels of cancer awareness have higher cancer survival rates. This suggests that efforts to promote awareness, for example, the Be Clear on Cancer campaigns, are worthwhile. See

Cancer awareness: Some non-malignant comorbidities are associated with increased help-seeeking for potential cancer symptoms but some are associated with delayed help-seeking, for example heart disease patients are less likely to seek help for bowel symptoms. See

Cancer awareness: In terms of ethnicity, symptom awareness (both visible and functional symptoms) is low in black and Asian populations, with particularly low levels in the black population. Barriers to presentation, especially in terms of other life priorities and communicaiton difficulties, are strongest in the Asian population. See

Cancer screening: Postal reminders increase participation rates in breast cancer screening, including in deprived populations. See

Cancer screening: Second timed appointments for non-attenders at breast screening increase participation rates, also in deprived populations. See

Cancer screening: Higher detection rates of ductal carcinoma in situ at screening are associated with lower subsequent rates of symptomatic invasive cancer. See

Early diagnosis: Thrombocytosis is associated with subsequent diagnosis of cancer and may therefore be a useful marker for early cancer. See

Early diagnosis: Thrombocytosis may be particularly useful in diagnosing colorectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease in patients younger than 50 years. See

Early diagnosis: In an online virtual consultation study, black and older patients with relevant symptoms were less likely to be referred for further investigation. See